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About Online Obituary

online obituary services

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www.obituary.co.ke is an Online Obituary publishing website developed and maintained  iPage Limited. We offer  daily online obituary posting services.

Obituary.co.ke is a fully automated web application that allows one to create an on-line obituary of a deceased friend or family member. You can  place the obituary from any internet enabled device from this obituary posting page. The obituaries are updated as soon as they are received by the admin. Placing an obituary is easy, just click here to select the package of your choice.

It is the easiest, most effective, efficient and affordable way to communicate the demise of a loved one. By placing an obituary with us, you have an easy way to communicate the message to all friends and relatives of the departed. It offers an easy  platform to share and spread the news. You can easily Share the obituary on social media -twitter,facebook, google + and many more using our sharing button at the bottom end of every obituary, email it to concerned friends,colleagues and relatives or print it out directly from the website.

Our online obituary service is one of its kind in the world.  We join you in times of grief to offer the mourning family an easy Obituary Services. We offer a variety of packages to fit your budget. It is necessary to read our Terms of Services and our Privacy Policy before seeking our services.

We give the departed a digital farewell.